June 14, 2010


I started watching the BRD Trilogy again. First, my favorite, The Marriage of Maria Braun. I love the weird elegance of the women. They can be coarse and vulgar but they maintain a certain level of elegance and intelligence. Also, they are so well dressed! Even down to their undergarments! 

June 7, 2010


Lately I've felt so cluttered and overwhelmed by everything so I decided that my goal for this summer is to cut down & simplify; cut down on possessions, attitudes & perceptions, style of dress, everything. Try to live simply.

Who says there is only one time per year when we can make a resolution? 

Over the past month, I've also noticed a gradual shift in my style... into a more basic version of what I used to normally wear. I've gone from bold striped shirts (i love lines!) and tanks to basic one color pocket tees and jeans or a simple skirt (but of course I can still wear a flower print dress now then!). 

By using somewhat neutral colors and unusual folds or seams in the garment I can get a perfect simplified version of my everyday wear! Details like simple (flat) tiers in skirts, the lines of the pockets on tees, the cut of the garment all incorporate lines  but are not so distracting, just... subtly intriguing! 

Some examples:

Asymmetrically Tiered Pencil Mini Skirts

Pocket Tees (and tanks!)

The beginning of summer is the perfect time for a resolution. Make one. It's refreshing.
xoxo - T

(pictures are from www.polyvore.com)

May 23, 2010

NY Mag "Shop-o-matic"

So, I have not been keeping up! Projects put on hold, new ones started! Too many things on the "to do" list!

One new event was having some of our cutest pieces featured in the Nymag.com "Shop-o-matic"! See the pictures the took below:

May 3, 2010

Shop & Bop - Vintage Shopping Event - May 8

Come visit us at the First Annual Shop & Bop this Saturday (May 8)! See the flier below for more info and check in on our Facebook event page!


Project Blue Plaid Skirt - Part II

So, I finally got back to the project. I put in the baste stitches to hold it all together while I figure out the best way to sew together into a real skirt.

(this is the front of the skirt flat with the stitches in).

And I started experimenting with the back part. I don't know if I will keep it plain and straight or add some volume with folds or pleats. Maybe I should keep it simple since the front already has so many folds in it... 

The picture below is the start of one version, I would bring up the hem so it would be shorter, either level with the front or a little longer than the front. 

That's it for now! xoxo

April 29, 2010

Get your Flower Print Dresses at M.P.!

Who doesn't want a flower print dress for spring? S.V. has this one up for sale at Market Publique! (click on the picture!)

As for the Blue Plaid Skirt (my little project), It is still securely pinned to my dress-form and will get some attention this Saturday. Late nights at my other job doesn't really give me much of an energy boost (!), but this weekend will be FILLED with sewing, crafting, alterations, etc! I will post up some pictures of my adventures in the Sewing Room! 

'Til then... xo

April 26, 2010

One year later... New Project!

So, it has been one whole year since I acquired this cute little shop and to celebrate I am going to start fresh with this blog. I've become bored with plain old picture posting, this blog needs some spicing up! 

To start things off, here are the details on my latest project!


* The bottom part of a light blue & white plaid print vintage dress I reworked
* Pins
* Thread
* The good ol' Juki 

* Mannequin
* Creativity & Dexterity

At first I thought, Puffy circle mini skirt with tulle underneath and an thick white elastic waistband... Then, I felt like some origami folds would be an interesting contrast to the "country-ness" of the printed fabric.

This is what I have so far...

The waist band still goes along with my original idea except I will want it to be a thick cotton band of non stretch fabric (well... maybe a little stretch)... And the parts that stick out on the hips will be where the pockets are located (skirts with pockets are FANTASTIC!).

All these folds will be more even and crisp... and of course there will be a back to it (haven't made it that far yet!!). 

I kind of want to make it sort of puff at the bottom... not so straight... not sure yet. What do you think?

Time for sleep, will continue this tomorrow!